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"No-Risk... All Reward... 365-Day Trial Form"

Yes... Yes... YES Kevin!

I can't wait to advantage of what you have to offer because I know that the key to getting from where I am nowÖ to where I want to go, is to get guidance, assistance and support from someone like yourself, who's honest, ethical, authentic and the ďreal dealĒ... whoís already been there, done that, continues to do it to this day, and can give me the tested and proven process for securing my own financial future.

I understand that I get to preview your system for 30 days and make sure itís a right fit for me. Beyond that, I'm also covered by your $20,000.00-In-365-Days Double CoverageÖ No-RiskÖ All Reward Guarantee. If after one year of following your step-by-step instructions, I haven't put a bare minimum of $20,000.00 in my bank account, I can return the system and you'll refund my investment... PLUS $500.00!

AndÖ in order to make sure I get the ongoing help I need, youíre also giving me a 3-month complimentary membership in your "Automatic Income Mastery & Joint Venture Program" where I'll be able to get your ongoing help and support, as well as meet and set up profitable relationships with other members who are already using the system.

Once Iíve participated in this group and have experienced for myself the the incredible value it offers, should I choose to continue my membership, I'll only be billed $397 a month, and can cancel anytime by letting you know. Since you're being so generous, and what you have to offer is a perfect fit for me... I'm taking action now!

Option #1:


Yes, I want The Best Deal High Speed System so I can put it to the test for 365 days. The High Speed System comes with $2,855.00 in FREE Advertising, The Lifestyle-Business Blueprint, a FREE 3-month subscription to your Automatic Income & Lifestyle Newsletter, as well as a 3-month membership in the Automatic Income Mastery & Joint Venture Program so I can get your ongoing help and support.

Here's Everything I Get With The High Speed System:
  1. The Quick Start Module $197
  2. The Lifestyle-Business Blueprint $497
  3. The The Idea Generator $200
  4. The 9-Step Automatic Income & Lifestyle Business Checklist $97
  5. The Automatic Income Master Manual $697
  6. The Automatic Income Audio System $797
  7. The Automatic Income Tracking System $197
  8. Interviews With Successful System Users $97
  9. 3 Issues of the Automatic Income & Lifestyle Newsletter $89

  10. 3-Month Automatic Income Mastery Program Membership $1,191
  11. INSTANT ACCESS BONUS: Coaching Members Resource Center $497
  12. INSTANT ACCESS BONUS: Newsletter Archives $219
  13. INSTANT ACCESS BONUS: The "Million Dollar" Rolodex $197
  14. INSTANT ACCESS BONUS: $2,855.00 In Start Up Funding $2,855
  15. $20,000.00 In 365 Days Guarantee

    Plus... I Get These 3 "Fast Action" Bonuses, Valued at $2,698.00... for FREE!

  16. "Fast Action" Bonus #1: How To Get Unlimited Funding For Your Business... Without Borrowing A Penny $399
  17. "Fast Action" Bonus #2: Jump-Start Promo Email To Kevin's Subscriber List $1,000
  18. "Fast Action" Bonus #3: SPECIAL REPORT: 5 Strategies For An Instant Cash Flow Surge $299
  19. "Fast Action" Bonus #4: Private Invitation to Joe Polishís Platinum Mastermind Weekend $1,000
Total Value: $10,525.00 - My Investment: Only 3 Installments of $397

Option #2:


Yes, I want the Good Deal Basic System so I can put it to the test for 365 days. The Basic System comes with a FREE 3-month subscription to your Automatic Income & Lifestyle Newsletter.

I Get All Of This With The Basic System:
  1. The Quick Start Module $197
  2. The Lifestyle-Business Blueprint $497
  3. The The Idea Generator $200
  4. The 9-Step Automatic Income & Lifestyle Business Checklist $97
  5. The Automatic Income Master Manual $697
  6. The Automatic Income Audio System $797
  7. The Automatic Income Tracking System $197
  8. Interviews With Successful System Users $97
  9. 3 Issues of the Automatic Income & Lifestyle Newsletter $89
  10. $20,000.00 In 365 Days Guarantee
Total Value: $2,868.00 - My Investment: Only 2 Installments of $397

You Saw In Me... What I Couldn't See In Myself!

Kevin, many years ago when you started your transformation from successful carpet cleaner to a truly inspiring guru in your own right you took the time to have a talk with me that changed me forever. You asked me if I believed that I had valuable information that could help others develop successful stone restoration businesses. I said yes butÖ Iím not good in front of groups, Iím too shy to give presentations and teach classes, people donít relate well to me etc. You stopped me dead in mid sentence and said ďdonít wait for someone to proclaim you worthy. CLAIM YOUR PLACE IN YOUR INDUSTRY AND BACK IT UP. You said to stop focusing on my self imposed short comings and start focusing on how others can benefit from my experience. Iím so glad I listened. In the past seven years since you told ms those things I started a well respected advanced training program four times the cost of my competition and had rave reviews from dozens of students who Iím still in regular contact years later, I invented a totally new technology that we are now selling in the UK , Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Greece, japan, isreal, and have dozens of distributors all over the USA and world wide. My products are being used in Vegas casinos, scoops and airports and the national archives and our nations capital. I get to travel the world, meet great people and share my passion to inspire others. The words canít, later, wait and I donít think I can do it DO NOT EXIST IN MY VOCABULARY. the reason Iím making so many amazing things happen is that Iím following your lead. I use my experiences to help others achieve their own success. The rewards are tremendous. Youíre a good man. Keep following your dreams and inspiring others to do the same. Without any reason other than you care, you inspired me to step out and do it. Itís amazing how things start to line up to help you achieve your goals when you discard those limiting beliefs and get the heck out of your own way. In a world of BS, corruption and cut throat business youíre the real deal. A decent guy who loves to inspire others to become a bigger better version of themselves. Keep growing and sharing. I canít begin to thank you enough.

Your Long-Time Friend...
Dana Kothrade - Escondido, CA

You Make Outrageous Promises... And Then You Deliver!

I have to say that the experience Iíve had so far has been nothing short of an amazing experience. And every day since Iíve signed up for your program has been a renewal of that experience. You promised that I'd see immediate results. Yeah, well, everyone does. That didnít impress me. You also promised you would step us through the system, and be there to help. Yeah, right. Iíve heard that before. Sure, youíd help us for a little while, then take your money and run Ė just like all the rest. BUT NO! It hasnít been like all the rest! How did I luck out in signing up with you instead of one of the many other guys out there promising the world and delivering a half acre? You really meant it. Every day I think I get something more from you in the way of offers of help, seminars, phone conferences, articles, emails, materials, and the list goes on. In fact, I might go so far as to say that you have been so helpful and concerned about my success that you are almost annoying! (I said almost!) SoÖ. how do you do it? How in the world do you find the time? For example, I wrote to you last week to explain that because of my pathetic dial-up connection, I couldnít get the audio training on the internet that you provided. The next thing I knowÖ you have made up special recordings just for me and I get them in the mail! PlusÖ. you sent me an email saying you were going to do it, and another email saying you had done it and I should be getting them soon! Now those emails werenít automated. They were personal emails. WOW! You are incredible! I have honestly never seen anything like it. Now, I am a little timid and very ignorant about most of the concepts you discuss, but I have to say that because of you and your unbelievable but obvious sincerity, my confidence and hope of success has been increased a hundred-fold. Right now all I can say is thanks so much. Youíve developed an amazing system here.

Chuck Yoder - Bath, NY

You Already Know What I'm Going Through... And How To Help Me

The best thing about you is the fact that you're authentic and actually know what you're talking about because you run a successful automated business of your own. You've already "been there and done that", so you know the challenges I'm up against and can tell me what I need to do. Everyone else is just selling theory, but you've shown me step-by-step, how to set up and structure my business so that it fits in with, and funds the kind of lifetyle I want to have. Thanks so much for everything you do.

Judy Goldsberry - Loveland, CO

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